May 5, 2009

Your idols are fallible. And gay.

So I did this sort of quizlette sometime ago and you may or may not have taken it. If you did and you're reading this blog I'm sure you got all 100s and shit, and that will be averaged into your final grade.

However, don't look so damn smug just yet regardless of what grade you got.

What that post was about, was, basically how utterly amused I am by celebrity outings. That is to say, I really hate celebrity outings.

I think I'm more fond of the reactions when a celebrity comes out or is outed. People are either inspired, totally apathetic, or totally disgusted. I suppose I'm biased because I have no celebrity love and I could give a fuck if Pink is bisexual or whatever.

I hate celebrity OUTINGS I'd rather the celebrity just come out themselves if they want to. But apparently that's no good for anyone and instead of fixing the reason they can't come out *ahemsocietyhatesthem* we want their gay, gay blood. If all this sounds like a repeat it fucking is. I started writing this after having a Youtube overload and then yesterday sometime Pink was outed as bisexual. And just as soon she dismissed the rumor and referred to bisexuals as old hat & a trend basically.

Aside from being needlessly hostile (really she had to go there eh?) this is a prime example of why I can't stand celebrity outings and just roll my eyes when someone is "outed". Yay. You know what?

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