September 15, 2009

Brief explanation of the new blogroll

By me.

You've probably noticed it already but lately the HMS Candyland has run aground in the fucking Gobi Desert and we're fainting from thirst up in this bitch.

That is to say, yeah my mind is blank. Not COMPLETELY blank--I've been on a philosophical rambling trip BUT I'm not sure how many of you are really signing up to read my existential-borderline-nihilistic thoughts so I've (thankfully managed to, somehow, hold me back) refrained...for now. So now the filler meta starts.

*collective groaning*

...Anyway, I threatened a while ago to kickstart my blogroll's heart and I kind of have...kind of. It's looking paltry but it's getting there. I went with a bloglist this time around just for simplicity's space sake--but you're not worried bout THAT, wtf is up with the headers? I'll be brief:

Places to be - general spots, may relate to race, may relate to entertainment, just sites I like.

Get yer hair did - I've been wanting a natural hair blog list for a while since I'm so enamored with my now chemically enhanced (dye) natural hair. Also resources.

Write letters 'n shit yo - literature based, online blogs of writers and blogs on writing. Neat!

G-Force - you're probably looking at the blog list & giggling. Believe it or not, there's no pervy symbolism, I really did name it after the anime show. And yes it is women.

Voltron - and yes, also after the anime, and yes it's mostly men.

That's about it. I'm still adding blogs & looking for things I think might interest myself & the five of you I see right now but this is what I has so far.

Edit: I've finally done some more updating to my blog roll, and I'm editing this to note a change.

New category: Roger that - I made the "Places to Be" category more of a political group section, and now "Roger That" is for misc sites, entertainment/gossip blogs I like, webcomics and any bloggy friends I have. I probably don't need to warn you about going here but I will say linking isn't necessarily endorsement of views (especially with my friends. I will straight up disown them in a heartbeat).

And yes, it's named after exactly what you think.

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