September 14, 2009

Fuck yeah rockers of color: Alice in Chains!

Proving once again that sometimes, your lead singer dies and you move the fuck on, Alice in Chains has a new video.

Even I had my doubts at first. Jerry officially sounds more like Layne than Layne ever did now, why didn't he just continue on with his solo career? But somewhere, on some level even he must have realized he wasn't exactly making bank and I'm sure he missed Mike an'nem, so AIC came back.

But who to sing? Well...that young man in the afro is William DuVall. Yes he is a man of color and you should RECOGNIZE.

Actually beyond that he sounds really eerily like Layne--cleaner with less rasp albeit--I'm not sure if that's Jerry's influence or wishful thinking on my part. But all that mattered was he could sing Man in the Box and not fuck it up (I'm looking at you...everyone) but then came the news that they would release a new album of new material! Ohhh shit~

Well after some drama (mostly OMG IT'S NOT AIC IF IT'S NOT LAYNE yeah well you better go dig up Layne's corpse) that was mostly ignored by the band I think, Black Gives Way to Blue is finally coming out and I think Check My Brain is the first official single...or second, something like that.

Enjoy the video. You better respect those $3 effects and recognize that lens flare and righteous hair swinging. Give it a few listens, the music is catchy but the lyrics are kind of mindlessly infectious and you'll find yourself randomly singing them at your next pub meet. I think the song is great myself, in this case it's probably for the best that AIC avoids sounding vintage and put a new twist on their signature sound. But I'm a little disappointed in the vid considering the, uh, avant garde ones AIC created during their hay-day but I guess I can't expect them to start pumping out the millions on video clips until that tour starts pulling the dough in.

Speaking of rockers of color, I should add that Mike Inez (bassist) is actually Filipino if I'm not mistaken.

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