May 3, 2009

Through the cracks

Note: I might be upset.

So after my Delara Darabi post I haven't felt much like in a blogging mood.

What's also freaking me out a bit is how LITTLE attention this is receiving. Seriously, I don't need to tell you how fucked up it is that an innocent woman was hanged after being promised a stay of execution, despite the fact that she shouldn't have even been sentenced to die. I don't care if you believe in the death penalty or not, that violates so much shit and you'd think it'd be EEEVERYYYWHEEERE but it's NOT at all.

I wrote this post on media coverage and now it just seems a little foreboding. We already know who gets media coverage and most of all, what. It's not things like this. It's swine flu and Carrie Prejean, Miss Spokesperson for Anti Gay Marriage. I'm really tired of finding out about heinous crimes being committed way, WAAAAY after the fact, while we were so distracted with other things. I was horrified to realize that, through alt media sources, the mainstream media DOESN'T tell us everything, and most of the time we rely on them to do JUST THAT. Go figure. Again, the message here is that some crimes matter some don't, some lives matter, some don't. And THEY get to choose which ones, not us, not the families, not the victims.

So it's up to grassroots campaigns to put it out there, if people even want to listen. But even that can only do so much. And then I thought, well, even if it got the media attention it deserved, what then? What could the US, UK, other big power countries do to Iran? Put pressure on them to _______? That'd be at least a little justice, but you know what, that isn't going to erase any wrongs that have been done here and it certainly isn't going to bring Delara back to her family. It's not going to bring back the murdered uncle. It's not going to stop these sorts of things from happening overseas, right under our noses. It's not going to stop things from falling through the cracks.

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