May 1, 2009

Delara Darabi has died

Well, this broke last night/early this morning but I'll tell you now, Delara Darabi has died.

I posted about this a few weeks ago, this young woman in prison for A) A crime she didn't commit and B) Sentenced to death illegally as she was a minor when she was arrested, and Iran cannot extend the death penalty to minors.

She was due to be executed by hanging on the 20th of April but thanks to a petition and speedy campaigning she received a 2 month stay of execution. Regardless of this, last night Delara was hanged ANYWAY, without due protocol even as far as I can see, and on a supposed holy day. See Save Delara and Lily Mazahery's twitter (she is understandably very upset now but the updates are there). (Edit: Whoops, that's LILY not Liz. Never noticed that.)

This is a gross violation of laws & human rights and fucked up to the extreme. The government went BACK on it's promise to stay her execution for 2 months, made her family sign various documents without explanation (see Delara Darabi twitter), then hanged her anyway for something she didn't even DO. NO word on what happened to the actual murderer and whether he's been sentenced or already dead. It's this innocent 22 year old girl that had to be punished. This needs to be news, right now. We did what we could and it actually WORKED, and then fucking THIS.

The whole story in one spot at Human Rights Watch.

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