May 5, 2009

More about Pink and her dumbass comments

If you're wondering what I meant about the Pink fiasco, here it goes. Pink was recently "outed" as bisexual which she then declared false and dismissed bisexuals as nothing but a trend.

Needless to say as a queer woman my first reaction was to tell her shut the fuck up and to go drink bleach. In my head I did.

Didn't I tell you biphobia made me sad? Bisexuality is not a trend. I don't care if you're only doing it for attention or if you think you're bi-curious or whatever, bisexuality isn't a trend. You just totally dismissed a whole group of real, breathing people and fed into the biphobia machine, and good fucking job.

Also, Pink, why so hostile? Did you really have to go there? I don't like your dumbass jokes or sarcasm. All you had to do was say no. Your extra made you look real suspicious Miss Moore.

Frankly, especially after that, again, I couldn't give a fuck if she's bisexual, ehsexual, or a mehsbian. I hate celebrity outings. They -1 my faith in humanity.

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