May 8, 2009

You're the face of teen pregnancy and I am the last tsar of Russia

And I fucking mean it, with my Faberge eggs and my faux-fur coat & stole in the closet.

Bristol Palin, it would seem, is going to become the spokesperson for teen pregnancy. No, not in some strange schadenfreude way, but official-like.

Sigh. Yeah, I suppose Bristol is still the face of When Abstinence Goes Wrong (tonight on Fox). When it goes wrong and you have more resources than say, your average teen with a weak grasp on sexual education and ends up pregnant. Bristol isn't the face of anything other than someone I kind of want to go away now.

I'm beyond tired of thrusting this girl into the spotlight and having her speak on pregnancy. Goddamnit, she had a kid and is still pushing abstinence-only. What sort of self loathing is that? What kind of horrible *coughparental* coaching is that? What sort of message is that to send to anyone impressionable? Are people even listening to Bristol because she's certainly not listening to herself talk.

Quit pushing the abstinence only agenda. You're just proving it doesn't work and isn't realistic--I suggest you go back to your lines earlier from the Today show. It isn't realistic! Yeah, abstinence will prevent you from all sorts of nasty diseases and a pregnancy but...only in THEORY. You know what should happen? Give kids options. Give them a decent sexual education and protect them otherwise you can dump your stupid "think of the children" cries. You're not. Guess who also said "booo!" on abstinence-only funding.

Going on, I'm getting tired of these damn scare tactics too. Any other time I'd whole-heartedly agree that yes teen pregnancy isn't the best you could do at any level. Despite not being a teen parent myself mind you. But...really shaming of teen mothers is getting old as hell. Okay you got pregnant at 14, it doesn't suddenly become my job to make life harder for you at every damn corner, telling you what a horrible decision you've made and SHUUUNNN you, ESPECIALLY when I don't even know what happened or what it's like for you. It's not our job to just pile on. I'd like not to do that anymore. What I'd much prefer is giving these girls resources so that it ISN'T so hard. So that it isn't absolutely the end, so that maybe they don't have to just drop out of everything and lose out on getting an education because of whatever happened. I was inspired after seeing many of the awful teen mothers persevere and do what they needed to do and I wish that could happen for more young women (and men, yes, I didn't forget the boy people).

Regardless, I'm sure this is making the no-sex-evar people very happy and I just hope fewer people are listening to this tripe. My only advice to Bristol is, go home and get away from your mother. You're only an expert on what she tells you, having a baby didn't just make you omniscient on every aspect of teen pregnancy and I'd like it if you stopped acting as such, thanks.

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