April 28, 2009

Zombie post!: I used to be artistic and shit

So...uhh...while I'm passing time in between waiting for my tutor evaluation, here's another zombie post! If you follow me on twitter you may have seen that I just got randomly home sick during an anthropology lecture and here's mostly why.

Another fun Xands fact for new readers is, I'm an artist! Yeah I procrastinate about writing things that shouldn't be read, but I also draw & paint pretty frequently (mostly acrylics but also water color as I was into for a while...it's cheap) and all sorts of other shit. If you knew that, what I BET you didn't know is, for a whole year I was a sculptrist! ...A sculptor. I...made 3D things.

During the lecture my professor talked about ex votos. For my concentration I made relics. I made personal things, not necessarily holy but I did center on a couple of ex votos...and...I made casts of my mom & my dad's hands. Then...waaaahhhhhh! *sob*

So, here's some of my greatest hits. I know I have more pictures and probably just didn't label them, and I can't get to them right now so here's what I did bother to label properly.

Note: I noticed that I use a little ableist lingo and...really excessive smileys. Just be forewarned.

Low budget wax & plaster art

Some early drafts

Part 1 of the finished product.

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