March 27, 2008

Even, even MORE artjunk

And yet ANOTHER wild display of badassery.

I haven't blogged in a while (wow, a whole week), not much to say other than whining :O which means not much interesting to say. Some topics flitted through my mind but in the end I decided to just wait until I had something worthy.

And I don't! So, I present to you more art shite. Please enjoy it. This is more stuff going towards my portfolio, I think I'm finally close to finishing stuff up. And not a moment too soon, I've only got a couple of weeks :/

Here's a little comparison set because I got crazy with the editing in Photobucket: same picture, one's a little clearer and I tried to clean up the background for emphasis. Either way, I still had the wrong settings on my phone when I took it because I'm clueless. It's something I call "Dryad" for now, spelling not totally correct :P It's a styrofoam mannequin head (like one of those wig holders) with sticks coming out from the top; the sticks on the side are just surplus I guess, they're not attached.

Here's another side by side...the first one is the shoddy edit, it wasn't like it was a fantastic picture before. This one has actually changed a lot, but I did this in December. I call it "Worlock" like the Skinny Puppy song because whenever I see it I hear it :/ it's kind of like a self portrait now and a bit of a portrayal of what I think of as Hell or the gates of Hell maybe. It's got some Inferno quotes on it but I think I'll get rid of those by covering them up because it seems so cheesy now. The back panel is actually really cool too, but now I've got stuff sticking out and it looks more...freakish I guess. And there's more collaged elements. I think this one is also close to being finished. And never mind the doorknob, it's actually bigger than it looks (about 3 or 4 feet, it comes about to chest level for me and I'm not that tall :P). When I photograph it again I'll make sure to do so in a blank area and at an angle to emphasize height.
Anyway, that's all for now. I think my next blog will be about how antioxidants are in everything. EVERYTHING goddamnit.

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