March 21, 2008

More fun with wax!

This is the semi-beginning of my new skeleton project. I'm trying my damnedest to make me some Dia de los Muertos skeletons. First I think I'll make some miniatures just because I really need some smaller pieces, then we'll try to get bigger.

Anyway, here's skeleton man first:

Skeleton man, skeleton man, does whatever a skeleton can :D He's on some aluminum foil drying, or rather hardening. I didn't really know if the foil would work but so far it has! He doesn't look skeletony right now and the quality of the photo sucks once again (still a little better than my digital camera :/) but once I start carving him it'll look better.

And here's my wax set up (for right now, until I get some sense):

That's some hardening wax in a skillet right now. The holes are where I cut out the parts for the skeleton. I had the wax boiled down in a pot first, then poured it on to the aluminum foil sheet (yeah, good ol' fashioned tin wrap) and let it harden. I was wondering if I could make molds from the foil but I don't think so as it's pretty thin. I found it easier to just carve the wax while it was still a little soft and pliable. It's lookin' good :D viva los muertos!

Also, befor I melted the wax down I hit it with a little spray-on Crisco (like Pam, but...Crisco). I think that helped. I didn't want the wax getting all stuck to the bottom of the pan. It also made the wax kinda...greasy but that was to be expected :P I can deal with that when it dries.

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  1. That. Is a very, very cool idea. I'd never thought about using wax like that! I wish I had. It's something that makes me wish I was better at art. D:


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