March 20, 2008

Three time aunt & celeb fornification

Gah, I just became an aunt again. Wtf am I going to do?!

*breathes into paper bag*

I actually really hate kids except my own (and by my own, I mean my nieces & nephews, I don't have kids). I mean, I can handle them when they turn 5 and such (that's the age you can slap the hell out of them right?) but sometimes about babies just makes me uncomfortable. I can oogle at them and go "aww how cute!" but when I have to INTERACT with them I literally just break into a cold sweat and start panicking.

I don't...fear children, I've just never liked them :/

But now I've got 1 nephew and 2 nieces. I haven't seen the second one yet as, duh, she was just born last night about. She's 9 pounds! Dad doesn't even know yet so I gotta tell him :O oh the joy. We've gotta see the child too!

Today was a really nice day, I got to hang out a bit with my head librarian (aka my Boss) and we took a bit of a walk trip downtown. She and I are a bit a like, we're really curious and just stalk into places if the door is open (and even if it's not). Although I think I'm more grabby and hands on than she is. She has a really nice car too! I do get to ride in the best cars (except when I'm at home).

So anyway, Easter is coming up and I'm thinking about making some easter eggs...and sneaking them into my art portfolio >.> those count as sculpture right? Please say they do. I'm in a bind!

Huh, I just heard Lindsay Lohan has a sex tape now. Ew! Stop it, celebs. Everyone and their mildly famous grandmother has a sex tape now. That's meant to be at home damnit. I think I hate more the morbid curiosity that follows these sex tapes more than I hate the tapes themselves...that stuff is so sad and disgusting.

Speaking of Lindsay and her hilarious antics, I was ever so fortunate to view her Marilyn Monroe dress up pics a while back. Well, I can officially say I never want to see Lindsay naked. I mean, she's got a nice body and the freckles are cute, but there is something weird about a girl dressing up like a dead woman and looking DEADER than the dead actress herself. Also, where the hell are her hips? She looks a little barrel-waisted and I really prefer red!Lohan.

Anyway, here are some edited photos if anyone's still curious and hasn't gotten around to seeing them. Mags made a big fuss when the photos were first published but I think now it just counts as a half-decent fotoshoot.


  1. I love kids. The younger the better ( think >_>) around 2 years old is fine for me. But then I don't have kids- I volunteered before as a teacher.

    The thing about blogger though is I can't add friends, can't i?

  2. Meh, I just think a few incidents when I was little made me hate babies...strange how trauma works.

    And Blogger's kinda freaky, you can't really add friends in the LJ-style or Myspace-style sense. You can subscribe to blogs or add links on the side of the page but that's about it I think...I haven't explored it much yet XD

    And bleh, this comment system is weird too, although I do appreciate the fact that you can moderate and reject comments!

  3. By the way, saw what you said about the sex tapes.

    I was surprised for a second that Lindsay has. That second just ended.

    I very much agree that what they're doing is disgusting. Which is why I'm not a fan of Paris, Linday, or Kim Kardashian (I'm not sure on her last name)

    It's sad that there are people (not just referring to lindsay)who result to making a sex tape to get attention.

    Nobody should want to get known for that.


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