March 19, 2008

We're on a looow budget.

Ooh, I spoke to an old friend last night :O

You may not know that I've recently gotten into sculpture...there's much that I've been up to:

Brekkie brek.

Now you're probably thinking, "Of all the retarded pictures to take, wtf were you thinking?"'s a hint: that's not milk in that bowl. Give up? Give up?

It's wax :D the quality being what it is, what you're looking at is a glass bowl with cereal and hardened wax & a plastic spoon. Neat idea eh? Eh?

These are some hands I sculpted...well, it's plaster gauze that I wrapped around hands. From left to right: my mom, my dad's, my teacher. I basically made casts of their hands (and my dad's arm) and tried to unite them...artistically. With a red thread, which can signify a number of things of course: fate, martyrdom, blood relations, anger, etc. The arrangement still needs some work but its getting there.

That's about it for now...all I have finished that I'd like to display anyhow. Fun times! I've had so much fun sculpting :O I'm working on a portfolio right now that should contain at least 20-some even FINISHED pieces by...April. April! ;_;

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