May 19, 2008

BIIIIIG Art dump = AP Art portfolio

Maybe I didn't finish everything I wanted to this year, but I busted my ASS (like, I don't even know what I'm sitting on) for this shit. And I think the majority of it came out awesome. That's right, I said it, judges can't tell me shit.

I forget the dimensions for everything, but let's just say most of it was pretty large scale.

Here's some of the most decent of the decentest :P

"Feet of the Saint", plaster and stuffing.

"Ponder", clay & olive green glaze I think.

"Behold!" aka Dr Strange :P plaster, shoe polish, acrylic & tempera paint, wood

"Eggs" plaster and wax

"Guardian", mixed media

That's enough for now...I think I'll do a second entry a little later.

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