May 19, 2008



Owls have been my favorite birds since I saw Clash of the Titans when I was little. Really, Athena's little mechanical Bubo was the cutest damn thing ever.

My favorites are barn owls and horned owls. I was browsing around on Wikipedia and found the most bad ass drawing of Bubo virginianus, or a Great Horned Owl.

God, look at that thing. So majestic, so...oddly contemptuous. And it bagged itself a rabbit. A rabbit! That tripped me out.

I love barn owls, because they're adorable and surprisingly bad ass. Especially the common barn owl (Tyto alba) which is what you usually think of when you hear "barn owl", right?

I'm not a crazy owl person, I swear. But here's an elf owl! They're so tiny and adorable. Not so bad ass, but...awww.


I have a massive art dump to make...I guess it's safe to share some of my 2008 AP portfolio by now :P


  1. awww
    Those are cute

  2. what is wrong with great grays,(strix nebulosa)?

  3. isn't that a barn owl?

  4. woops, sorry
    only say the "elf owl" part below


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