February 16, 2009

Would WEB DuBois condone throwing furniture?

Forgive me if this shows up like 20 times, me and ScribeFire are having a dire malfunction.

"I think he's disappointed I'm even in the class." Me to Danz via text message.

I've already told you my grievances with my American Literature II class. I don't think I expressed well enough I'm about to take down my professor.

Today we talked a little about Booker T Washington as he's the next piece we're about to read, specifically the Atlanta Compromise. I can give you all my feelings on Booker T Washington another time, but for now let's focus on this. Mind you, I got about 3 hours of sleep last night and we all know how fucked up I get with no sleep. I hear the voices louder and I'm more prone to so-called Freudian slips and paranoia. It's just how I work. Don't act like you don't want to kill people when you're sleepy.

Anyway, so we talk about Booker T and the infamous incident with Roosevelt. We then get into some of what made Booker T so remarkable and influential, that being his oratory skills. Professor starts talking about how important it is to have good oratory skills, remarking that this his how mostly how Obama got into the White House.

My ears prick but I'm busy trying to take notes and not yawn so loudly. Then...well...the inevitable Hitler comparison.

Yes, sir, that's how Hitler & Obama took power, their charisma and oratory magic. In one miraculous sentence my professor managed to link together an activist, a dictator, and a president. I mean, why not right.

Did I get outraged? Not really. I was more amused/bemused by the fact that he even went there. Strictly academically, I saw his point. In my mind though




Aren't we all tired of the Obama's Just Like Hitler meme? Furthermore, I want to know why, when anyone is mentioned as being a good speaker, Adolph Hitler just HAS to come up. Okay, the man had the charisma to sway an entire nation (or just about all of it at the very least). You know what Hitler also was? A psychopath & a mass murderer. Goddamnit.

Also pissing me off was my professor's seemingly lax grip of black history in total. Sure, he's a lit teacher, you'd argue that he doesn't need to know history extensively, except that's wrong because if you're going to teach AMERICAN LITERATURE you might want to edumacate y'self on some black folk writings, I don't care what part of the course you're teaching. You hear me future teachers and professors?! What is history but literature, and literature is history? Please know your shit before walking across the threshold of that room.

Lastly...this may just be me but I swear whenever I say something in class--and I'm usually pretty relevant, I don't say anything unless I think it is on topic--his responses to me feel so...condescending. That other shit is real but this may just be a psychological side effect of the fact that I was already annoyed, and then was blindly pissed when I left the class.

So other than blatantly displaying my mirth, I didn't do anything other than fantasizing hitting him with a chair. After the whole Obama = Hitler thing I rather did tune him out and just made notes all over my book. Really, professor, fuck you. We're talking about Dubois next and I suggest he gets that shit right, or I may have to beat him with a chair in the name of militancy.

"What the fuck," you say numbly. "Hitting him with a desk?! Isn't that a little EXTREME?"

And yes, yes it is, but it's been proven throughout history time and time again that people just do not learn unless something is drastic enough, and I figure hitting him with a desk is pretty drastic. Put that fucking phone down.

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