January 27, 2009

Musings on School

AKA More "I Hate Everyone and Everything".

Well, Monday was a little tense. In American Literature II I'm being forced to read Adventures of Huck Finn yet again. I mean goddamnit we are so tired of this book. I don't care if it's a classic of American literature--Mark Twain has written vastly more interesting works. Also, I really really hate reading a book more than once and three is my absolute limit before I just refuse anymore.

Bleh, so...you know, and I hate to say it, sometimes I hate racial discussions with white folk. Sometimes, not all the time. I do think racial discussion with ANYONE is important, but after having my fair share of arguments with a few of our lighter toned brothers and sisters--mostly brothers--I am weary and paranoid like a wounded animal. Aaaand more often than not these arguments tend to repeat themselves no matter what I do.

Maybe I was in a bad mood to begin with. Maybe I'm feeling pessimistic more than ever. Maybe I don't know why the hell we were talking about Obama while dealing with Mark Twain. Maybe I need the audacity to hope injected in my veins regularly like a drip. It started with one girl commenting so softly that it's interesting to see how far we've come, from folks being outraged at Booker T Washington being invited to the White House to a black man being in the White House.

Yeah, fine, we have come a long way in those hundred some odd years. Fine.

Then my professor honestly came this close to mentioning those dreaded words: "post racial society". He slipped up on it and just said we'd come a long way to equality. I was staring at him the whole time with one eye twitching and one fist clenched...

...because I was sleepy at that point. In my mind I was so ready to jump up on top of my desk (probably to fall over shortly on my head) and scream "POST RACIAL SOCIETY? YOU THINK THIS SHIT IS POST RACIAL?!"

He also came really close to admitting that he wasn't comfortable saying the word "nigger" with black--oh, he's not comfortable saying it even in a literary context. That wasn't a bad thing I just thought it was funny. He almost said it and the eerie part is that he was looking at me then said "literary context".

Eh, I've never been bothered by the use of "nigger" in literature. Unless it's hate literature then I have a problem with everything.

Also African American history has been getting slightly uncomfortable. Man, I thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for my high school edumacation preparing me for college. I heard a girl complaining about having to write an 8 page book report--are you kidding me? It's a book report! 8 pages! Type 3 and a half and double space that shit! It also annoys me when people complain about having to read for class then act like it's the teacher's fault--if you didn't read whatever before hand, man up and say "No professor/a, I didn't read the chapter."

Ughhhh students drive me nuts sometimes...keep your complaining outside the damn classroom is all I really have to say. Also Af.Am is getting unnerving because there's really only 3 or 4 vocal people in the class. I'm trying to force myself to get more involved with discussions, I'm usually fine with class discussions but it's either because it's an early class or for once I actually have nothing to say. Fancy that!

Also, you'll love my next post coming up...I get so fed up with Religious folk.

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  1. I live in Australia and am a white person, so what. We have the remains of an aboriginal population left after a vast 200 years of near genocidal existense, (5 percent survived into todays peaceful existense. They have a word called 'Gubba' which is used by most aborigines across Australia to mean white straight bore. So usually its "So heh there white gubber boss."
    Now one of the tribes in the centre of Australia has an Aboriginal Language course where its dialect is taught to its children and is a world wide language. The word gubba means friend in this language. So now every time an aboriginal child sees a white person it is "Heh gubba."
    Much to the old peoples mirth.
    I do some sci-fi writting myself and have a novel called Doom Of The Shem.


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