January 27, 2009

Seminar on the END TIMES

Little Facebook copypasta only more intelligent. Frankly I don't know what this is or why they're doing it, but I reserve the right to be judgmental.

I have one thing to say to this ad-ver-tise-ment:


[Edit: I really did laugh like that when I saw it.]


What is the point of this? What the fuck is there to understand about the "end times"? Is this some of that Left Behind mess? I hate this about as much as I can hate an inanimate object.

[Edit: Click to enlargenate, it gets blurry though.]

And let's examine this ad-ver-tise-ment. That purple thing off in the corner is just my thumb holding it.

Okay, let's see. We've got the symbolism of the bears, wolves...is that a fucking tiger? Dante refutes this.

Next, 10 WEEK MULTIMEDIA PROPHECY SERIES? Why the fuck is this ten weeks?! Why is it a DVD seminar? Ladies and gentlemen, I have questions that need dire answers, urgently. [Edit: I really am curious btw. The good folks doing this are a campus church group/hang out called the Well. My room mate used to visit there but she said they weren't shit more or less.]

Lastly, let me address that floating head. Alright, it's been addressed.

In conclusion, obviously if you don't want to attend this little...get together, you don't have to. But in the event that, in February, you feel that shit is so serious that you have to get your affairs in order and go "learn" about the "end time", I'm in L--- C--- room ---, across from the CPA. I took high school psychology and made a B in Intro to Sociology, WE CAN WORK IT OUT. Okay? Call me. [Edit: I'm not suggesting that you have issues if you wish to attend this seminar. You could be a perfectly well adjusted human being. You may also just want to know about the Christian book of Revelations. Perhaps you want to learn what all cultures & religions think of the so called "end of times" or "apocalypse" or "Armageddon". It's like a flood myth, everyone has their own perspective.

It's just that I doubt any of the above apply.]

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