January 27, 2009

John Updike has passed :/

Damn, and I was just looking over some of his work in one my lit anthologies wondering if he was still alive. Well there's my answer!

Aw :/ boo. I haven't really gotten into the Rabbit series but I've read a few of his short stories...I've really only been exposed to his work in depth recently but he was still one of my favorite authors. I really like his storytelling, there's just something so...familiar about it. I love fiction that makes you feel like you aren't really reading it, but experiencing it. And he wrote about some real shit too, let's not forget. In a way he sort of reminds me of Steinbeck except I like Updike...if you've never read any of his works before I'd suggest 'em.

Anyway. Yeah I pretty much just woke up and saw that. Bleh!

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