February 11, 2009

What's so wrong with anger?

Y'all know I have a BA in Dylanology, but before that I had my Master's in Rush. The song I'm pulling lyrics from for this post is called "Stick it Out" from their '93 album Counterparts. As I go along you'll see why I used this particularly "angry" song over the countless millions of 'em.

So let's talk about anger. Or rather, I want someone to tell me when "anger" became a bad thing for MINORITIES.

Trust to your instincts
If it's safely restrained
Lightning reactions
Must be carefully trained

I don't get it. When I say "minority" for the purposes of this post we're talking men and women of color for right now. If that term bothers you any I apologize.

I've never understood why minorities of any sort can't be angry though. We're labeled with "angry black" or "that damn angry woman" or "angry asians". It's supposed to silence us, somehow, but the irony is that the silencing makes us even angrier. This isn't exactly new ground but it still kills me when I see in internet debates or real life conversation, it's usually some white person pulling back from a minority like "Oh my gosh why are you so angry?"

I've always thought it's pretty obvious to anyone who's not fucking clueless. I mean, you've been in history class and learned about what us silly minorities have suffered under the hands of Them In Power, right? So we're not supposed to be mad. We're supposed to suck it up and be polite, respectable negroes, asians, women, whoever. This is how people listen to us to totally disregard us later. If we politely write letters with our dainty white gloves on. Riiight.

Stick it out
Don't swallow the poison
Spit it out
Don't swallow your pride
Stick it out
Don't swallow your anger
Spit it out
Don't swallow the lies

So again I ask you, what's wrong with anger? We have every right to be angry but there will be folks that will tell you to calm down or watch your tone, like that matters when you're confronting patriarchy, discrimination, prejudice, what have you. Don't cuss, don't shout, it frightens us!

Honestly, if I'm not shouting, how do I get heard above the dull murmur of the masses? That's the part I don't get. We're supposed to be quiet and hide in the background, politely raise our hands like "excuse me? Can we have some equality?" Yeah, this gets nothing done.

I'll tell you about my anger. I consider myself pretty chill. On the other hand, I'm afraid I'm not very tolerant and blatant idiocy makes me kind of upset. I don't like to waste energy, so if I'm yelling at you about shit I probably have a good damn reason. You disregarding my argument because you did something to piss me off is really more telling of you that it is of me.

I have been called angry and pissed by white men many times. People that know I'm usually a calm individual (if a little bouncy) but the minute I call them on injustice and stop being their little dancing monkey suddenly I'm angry. I've been told to calm down. And sure, every so often I'll get so pissed I make insane typos because my hands are trembling. It's true, yes, I do get mad. And I don't really care. Why shouldn't I get mad? Why shouldn't I declare my anger? Hell, I don't even particularly care if you listen to me or not, the thing is, you've made this black chick pissed and she's telling you about it. If that makes you uncomfortable, deal with it. Think about what you said prior to me screaming at you to eat a bowl of dicks and don't do that again. Consider it a learning experience, fucker.

You might be too dizzy...to do the right thing

Anger is good. I'm telling you, anger is good. Sure, sometimes it causes us to make rash decisions like slash boyfriend's tires or set girlfriend's cat on fire. But I honestly believe that anger is good. It's healthy. If you never get angry at something you might be Richard Cory. It's fine for other folks to get mad, but minorities? No, we're either just whining or we need to get ourselves together. We can't be mad about injustice or anything, and for god's sake stop yelling, I can actually hear you!

You get so used to surrender

Man I get tired of people's bullshit. I tell you guys everyday (or everyday you read my blog, I'm more than likely pissed at something). I'm sure you do too. I am tired of being told I should just lie down and take what's coming to me and smile politely at it, or better yet, that I need to just pull myself up by my bootstraps and get over it. No one cares but me.

Who the fuck are you to tell me that, I want to know.

I care and me caring is all I care about. So I'm mad, you know what you should do? Listen to my grievances regardless. It's not that people don't whine, but this automatic dismissing of minority anger so you can plug your ears and go "Nananana, lalala!" has really got to stop. It's all sorts of immature and disrespectful, and yet it still goes on with the completely oblivious--and they wonder why shit happens. Well that's why shit happens. You don't listen to us, we make you listen. That, again I say, is how feelings get hurt and people get cussed out.

I'm angry by the way. Oh noes!


  1. I was trying to figure out what the hell kind of new picture you got on the sidebar, now I get it. If you don't mind, I'd like some of that equality you were angry about, or is it on backorder? Keep tellin' it and shouting it, Xands. Let's start a riot up in this piece!

  2. Bwaahahaa. It's a super low budget goat if you were still wondering. It's from an old movie called Incubus, I have a review of it somewhere if you're curious...

    And yeah lady at the store told me that equality came already but I haven't see any yet. Maybe we better wait a few more weeks...or years.


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