February 10, 2009

Some miscellany shoutouts

First off, everyone look over to my sidebar and scroll down. Now stare. I've got two new followers! Keep staring at them...put the pressure on. You know how I feel about folks not saying hi to me. I yell at them and cry.

Actually, I've been thinking about doing a de-lurker post. I don't think I have that many lurkerlings...I figure I post so frequently on so much that eventually you'll stumble on something that makes you mad or glad enough to comment. And if not...well...I don't hate you. I don't know why you hate me though *choked sob* WHAT DID I DO?!

Uh, anyway, if you get bored enough and scroll all the way to the bottom you might notice a few new buttons popping up now and then. No they weren't there before. I'm trying to do some half-assed blog advertising. You can still tell your friends & the hood but I figure we need some, uh, respectability up in this piece. Yeah I'm petty for having my marriage equality button all the way at the bottom of my page. I'm fixing it~

Lastly...you know what? I haven't gotten any hatemail in forever. Stop laughing, I'm so serious. I've gotten a couple of odd comments (Gethimamask doesn't count, I know he's joking) but not so much as a "omg ur sooooo ignorent" in months! I'm...kind of...jealous? Hurt? Am I desperately losing my touch? If you, you know, want to give me something for Valentine's Day, there's an idea for you. I even mentioned it to my mother. She gave me a card :D ...it wasn't a hateful card though.

And that's it. You may say, "Xands, if you have nothing to talk about, why blog?" And the answer is...I just...like to *blink*


  1. I guess I am one of your new followers. I have enjoyed reading your posts and thank you for commenting on mine. I look foward to continue to read and comment on your posts.

  2. Bwaah, I knew the staring would work. It always brings them out. But thanks for following and reading me blog, I do appreciate it :D


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