February 10, 2009

PETA manages to get even more outrageous, world spins, news at 5.

Edit: Fixed this entry up and got rid of some problematic wording. Not sure if it's for better or for worse but it sounds less frothy-mouth-angry.

Well, while I'm waiting for my hair to dry (late shower), I figure I'd show some good will to my brother Danz and prove that I don't actually hate him (he makes it hard sometimes though).

I guess I pumped him up and he made this post talking about PETA's latest antics.

What did PETA do exactly? Oh just dress up like the KKK outside of the American Kennel Club. You know, dog breeders. Why? They feel the AKC is trying to create a "master race" of dogs and that's terrible.

First off...I'm not even going to get into how much I care about animal rights. I just want to get all up into how wrong and blatantly racist and stupid this is. Can I do that? Can I please say "fuck animal rights" for a few seconds and just talk about why we don't do this?

I. PETA, help thyselves.

Let's get some things straight. Yes animal breeding & cruelty to animals is wrong. The AKC isn't some happy go lucky club that just wants to show of their dogs, they are pretty shady.

You know what's also wrong and shady, though? PETA feeling that they have to get their point across using other hate groups. Hate groups. I do not think the AKC has ever burned crosses on people's yards because they so happen to be non-white/otherwise not horribly stuck in the dark ages.

PETA, you have a fucking problem here. You figure the best way to help animals is standing around in KKK robes & hoods handing out fliers, and you think this is the right thing to do. In reality, what you're doing is making other, dare I say, more reasonable folks very, very upset with you. Okay? Here's the thing: the KKK terrorized blacks, women, Jews, and anyone they deemed imperfect. AKC is breeding dogs. It's really kind of apples and oranges in terms of which is worse (hint: both are equally terrible) but that really, really takes a leap of faith to make that conclusion.

But you did and I kind of hate you for it. I think what I really hate the most is PETA is not fucking helping. Naturally they don't stand for every single vegetarian/vegan/those of us against animal cruelty, and I'm pretty sure the public at large knows this pretty well by now. Still, they aren't helping their own cause. They are NOT. They're being silly.

II. Also, ur doin it wrong

They even fail at being silly. As I said before this edit, I think PETA got the KKK mixed up with those dreaded Nazis. If we're talking about a master race I know that's typically what I think of. But no, PETA chose to go with the Ku Klux--not even the KKK's American counterpart even--and they chose the statement they were going to make. I don't think anyone looked at those robes and said "Oh the AKC is creating a master race, must boycott". They probably looked on in horror as the Klan was given free reign, strangely enough, outside the AKC. The Klan we most strongly identify in this country as racist, not engineering the perfect breed. WHY. Why KKK and not some other group, I wonder. They're both horrible and yet not the same, but in the end that is truly a moot point considering THEY FIGURED THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Shock tactics

Can I just say how tired I am of PETA's shock tactics as well? Unfortunately compared to some of their past hijinks this only narrowly takes the cake. God, PETA, as I keep saying all your good intentions get drowned in your persistence in being goddamned lunatics. Help the animals, by all means, but stop doing it this way.

As a last note I just want to get into the broader issue of folks deciding that it's okay to trivialize the experiences of others by making these comparisons. As Danz points out in his post, comparing what the AKC does to what the KKK did/does is insulting those hurt/killed by this group. Every time you make a meaningless comparison to Nazis and Hitler to illustrate your point you're doing no service to yourself or those hurt by Hitler. It's really weak and unoriginal, and it leads to being cussed out and feelings hurt.

Uuuugghhh too much stupid in one week...it's just Tuesday...

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  1. Speaking of the AKC, I just watched one of their ridiculous dog shows on the Travel Channel. I must say, those silly ass dog handlers are silly ass dog handlers! Good point. Whenever you compare something to the Nazi's you really aren't helping your case as it stands. As far as I'm concerned, PETA gets carried away from time to time. Sometimes you have to validate your existence by at least saying something, ya know? I haven't read GHAM's post yet but I'm headed that way.


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