November 6, 2008

Questions for those who voted Yes on Prop 8 so happens to be my 200th post! Yaaay! *noise makers & party hats...but no cake* Sorry there's no cake you gaiz :/

I'd say that I know *I* I don't have any friends that voted Yes on Prop 8, but I also said I didn't associate with ignorant folk. But I do, as it turns out. A lot of 'em. A LOT OF THEM.

I saw this post on the Friendly Atheist and figured it was worth spreading.

It wasn’t just Christians who voted to ban gay marriage in California, but no doubt the measure would’ve failed without their support. Ditto to the Mormons.

There are so many questions I want to ask those people who voted in favor of Proposition 8 and as a result banned gay marriages in California:

* How is your marriage any more secure now that homosexual marriages in your state are broken?

* What do you say to the children of gay parents who question why their mommies or daddies can’t be married?

* Can I vote on the legality of your marriage?

* How does this vote change your life?

* Are you proud of yourself?

* What did you say to your gay friends (if you have any) when you saw them post-election?

* Will your actions bring gay people closer to Christ?

* When gay marriage is finally legalized (it won’t be long), are you going to lie and tell your children your church led the charge for equal rights or will you tell them the truth and say you were the reason for the delay?

* How do you defend your position to your children?

* Are you in favor of lifelong commitments between two people or against it?

* What effect do you think this gay marriage ban will have on gay people? Young people? Non-Christians? Young Christians?

* Is this what Jesus would do?

Also, on the second floor (aka the Boys' Floor) there's a big sign declaring the resident(s) of that room is/are not racist because they voted for McCain they looked at the issues yadda yadda yadda. I wonder who made them feel so compelled to state that...if anyone did. I bet no one asked them. Real anti-racists don't need to explain themselves you guys!

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