November 6, 2008

This isn't the way to equality, damnit

Hu-sigh. I've really come to hate the almighty "race" question. As in, how do we solve equality. Or maybe even "what is racist and what isn't?"

I'm getting tired of people telling me that we have to "ignore our differences" to be equal. Why should I ignore what I am just to get on your little level? That's inane and I refuse. As a wise man said more or less, the key is NOT to ignore our differences. I'm obviously different from, say, someone from Spain. Different language, different culture, different everything. Am I supposed to just put that aside and try to get along with this person? Is he supposed to do the same? To me that would just be...crazy talk.

No, we shouldn't ignore our differences. We should embrace! Different isn't necessarily a bad word. We have to learn from each other, this is a good thing. I think by embracing our differences and trying to work with them in becoming equal is the better idea then just to ignore ourselves.

Why the fuck does this even need repeating.

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