November 5, 2008

About me columns

Okay, I did some brief election posting last night but I'm a little tired of it assured that I have some funny ass stories and zero friends about now though.

But I have to ask, is my side bar at the bottom of the page for anyone else? It looks normal on my laptop but I have like a 15 inch screen; I so happened to be on a desktop earlier and noticed my sidebar was mysteriously at the bottom of the page O.o;; anyone else notice this? I'll try to fix that...

Oh, by the way, pretty much everyone in all 4 of my classes today? Looked defeated as HELL! If my opponent pulled some straight Mortal Kombat shit on me like that I'd be hurt too. I need to stop.

Edyt: Okay...think I fixed it. It might look a little crowded right now. The problem is I have a 15 inch screen and 1200x800 resolutions so obviously it looks fine to me, but when I lowered my resolution I realized what the problem was. I love to tinker.


  1. xands, it's at the bottom of the page homie. looks a bit odd too. . .

  2. It is? Weird. It was probably the last time I fucked with the padding *side eye* workin' on it.


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