October 21, 2008

You don't get it, do you?

I'm sorry, I found this on Pharyngula and I had to take time out of my busy research schedule to...discuss.

From Pharyngula I read a blog entry from a woman who seems dismayed at the thoughts of gays going to school. And...apparently would prefer gays to be stoned to death rather than letting them live like everyone else. Uh oh well.

We can't let the gays go to school! That would be wrong!

Now I'm not going to attack her actual blog or her person or anything, just this line of thinking *rolls eyes* We can't let the straight kids attend school with the gay kids. Again that'd be wrong no? They would infect the innocent, God-loving straight kids with their homo-poison and...and stuff! She even suggests that someone "blow up the school"--what de hale?

Ahem. Anyway. I couldn't help but think that I'm sure this is how whites felt when schools because integrated in the South *snicker* except they actually did blow up the schools, as you know. Aren't you glad the internet as we know it came much, much later?

I don't really understand this kind of intolerance. I mean, we're all entitled to our own opinion of things and fine, if your Holy Book says that you shouldn't like gays and that's your only reasoning, whatever. I wish I could change your mind but chances are that I can't. But still suggesting that we blow up schools, stone people and just generally be very UN-human (and dare I say un-damned-Christian) towards people who are different is just insane. It's insane that this sort of intolerance still breeds, lives, exists and it's not like it's in the minority (well, not the majority either). It scares me how many people really think this way.

It also makes me wonder...do people really think about what they say, when they put it out there in the open? I mean, how do you go home to your kids and talk about dem damn niggers or dem damn gays or dem damn Arabs or whatever it is you discriminate against? It's depressing. How can you teach intolerance? How can you stand against tolerance and yet expect people to respect you and be thoughtful of you? It's also disgusting. We are not enlightened and yet we're not moving backwards--then does that mean, we are stuck?

...sorry that was some existentialist rambling. The world is a little much for me right now, I'm just gonna go back to my research paper...


  1. Well put. I'm not going to bother posting to the "Christian" site!

  2. There's really no point in responding to someone like that--the ignorance is so astounding, what can you even say to it? She and others like her usually just plug their ears and hum loudly... *rolls eyes* or whip out nonsensical biblical scripture as proof that they're right.

  3. She's screening her posts anyway. Whatever - I feel bad for her kids.

  4. I noticed. I do feel bad for her children that they have to grow up in her intolerant environment. And when those poor kids get out into the real world good mercy they're going to be in for a shock.


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