October 23, 2008

Compulsory Sex!


This looks like it could be an interesting development:

BBC NEWS | UK | Education | Lessons on sex 'to be compulsory'
The government is expected to announce later that sex and relationship lessons will be made compulsory in primary and secondary schools in England.

A review was ordered after ministers branded teaching on the issue "patchy".

A BBC poll of more than 1,000 people found that 87% would support a change in approach, as long as teaching did not begin at too young an age.

Well, there you have it: England can compromise! Then again, the US is bigger and...yeah.

Compulsory sex education. Do you remember your sex ed in school? I remember we briefly touched on the subject in 8th grade but nothing ever became of it--which was fine since we already had a couple of pregnant chicks on a 90-student floor. Go figure. And you know how the pregnancy population just rose when you hit high school. Why are we so damned afraid of sex talk? What, do you want grandkids at 40? Well, that's actually another post for another day...

Anyway, I'm interested in how this compulsory sex ed turns out. Depending on what they teach, it could either be really beneficial or just an outright mockery.

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