October 21, 2008

Update on McCain attack 08

Alright, as I figured the story I posted about McCain getting popped at turns out to be untrue:

The Weekly Standard
Update: The McCain campaign hasn't heard anything about the report of a bus being attacked. This makes the following report seem highly unlikely. Neither Raton police nor state police have received reports about such an incident.

A Raton Police spokesperson, who said he's been on his phone all day long with reporters, said if the incident happened, it happened far south of Raton. Several calls to offices south, such as Chavez County Sheriff's Department and the Roswell Police, however, turned up nothing. Looks like this one is firmly in the debunked rumor pile for now, and not likely to move anytime soon.

Hmm...so this leaves the question of what this enterprising fool--er, blogger was trying to do with this story. Stir up attention? Try to blame it on Obama? Satire? Everyone's trying to do "satire" lately. Hmmm.

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