October 21, 2008

McCain got popped at yo?

Ehhhh, I wonder about this story...anyone else heard it? Never heard/read this blog before either (don't ask me how I run across this shit):

Mark Williams » EXCLUSIVE: Report, .22 Gunshot, paint balls fired at McCain / Palin Straight Talk Express

We learned at this morning’s Stop Obama Rally here that the McCain/Palin Straight Talk Express came through town yesterday. It arrived with a window shattered allegedly by a .22 caliber weapon, as stated by one of the residents who said they saw the bus and spoke with the campaign workers. It had also allegedly been hit by an unknown number of paint balls from a paint ball gun or guns. There were reportedly no injuries and neither candidate was on board.

So, you heard it, McCain got capped! With a .22 and paintball...balls! Someone was packin' artillery!

No, seriously, who the fuck did/does this? The comments made about how this would have national news if it were Obama, well they're right. It would have been *shrug* you can't deny that and I think that's a little sad, people don't care about poor McCain and Failin--er, Palin. Fuck em, I care! But at the same time that's kinda what makes me doubt that this happened at all...I haven't looked into it much and it's like 4 in the morning so forgive my lack of journalism. If this is true, I really hope whoever the culprits are turn out to be, like...Ron Paul supporters or something. I really don't want anymore idjits supporting Obama.


  1. I'm not so sure - this would make news. A .22? It would definitely be considered an assassination attempt - so if it's not all over the TV, I'm skeptical.

  2. Yup, as it turns out it was indeed false. So that leaves the question of what this enterprising fool was attempting to do with his "story"...


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