October 25, 2008

The Obama Presidency, according to James Dobson

Well, not specifically him but rather Focus on Family.

Focus on Family is for the most part, a silly organization. I'm sorry but that's just how I'm looking at it, and I may be looking at it mostly from a negative view but that's what I do. But tell me this isn't...silly.

I've read this on Pharyngula & on the Friendly Atheist, interestingly enough, and now I want the fair readers of my blog to FEEL it, y'own mean? (Try to say that outloud...it'll make more sense).

Here is a letter (pdf file) sent from "the future" from a horrified citizen describing life under Chairman Obama. Please read this and never ask me why I'm not religious.

I'll give them points for creativity--because that really is a fantasy tale and no where near the damn truth--but that's still a double F-F-F-FAIL. You'll notice how much of it seems to fall on Queer Atrocities and the Church is at the sway of the gays. The future IS scary isn't it?

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