October 25, 2008

Chocolate News and ending racism?

Wow, this is going to seem so random because it IS you guys.

You may have heard of David Alan Grier's new show on Comedy Central, Chocolate News. As you might guess, it's kinda like a black version of shows like the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. In fact I'd say it's closer to the Colbert Report. Depending on who you ask it's probably either "oh-kaaay" or "OMGLOL" or something in between. I personally think it's pretty good and I'm willing to give it a chance.

Now here's the random part. I hang around IMDb getting info about my favorite shows and I read the message boards. Message boards, to me, are either a potential wealth of good conversation or a breeding ground for...silly people, idiots, trolls, and other such fools. For some reason, one particular topic on the Chocolate News section--well, in fact, a few topics have it in their minds that Chocolate News is bad for black people, will "set black people back 50 years" and that the show won't help end racism.

Alright. And I damn guarantee all 5 of my dollars that the people saying this are white or otherwise non-black. I'll also go on and add that they don't even mean what they say and are just saying such dumb shit for shits and giggles. Therefore I'm an idiot by proxy for giving them any of my time but here I go.

Chocolate News won't end racism. How the hell is it supposed to? I don't get how some people got it in their heads that one satirical news show was going to end all the racism in the country. You're putting too much on one damn show that may not even last a season if it doesn't measure up to Dave Chappelle.

Speaking of Dave, uh, despite sharing a name, David Alan Grier is not Dave Chappelle. He isn't trying to be and he doesn't need to be; DAG has been in it a little longer than Dave has and he's his own man.

As for this show somehow setting black people back 50 years, what so we can't have our own shows any more? Did Chappelle move us forward? Will ANYTHING move us forward? CN is a fairly intelligent show while still being entertaining and funny--if that is setting back 50 years then I don't want to know what will move us forward.

Ignorance. Ignant ignant ignant! People on the internet get on my nerves.

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