September 30, 2008

My tichel/tiechel

I think I may have mentioned it, but I ordered (or rather, mommy did <3) a tichel from about a week ago. It came today! I'm really happy about it, it looks really beautiful. I have two actually--solid purple with little fringe at the bottom. Lovely!

If you've never seen a tichel before it's pretty much a lightweight scarf that Jewish women use to cover their hair as part of a code of modesty. I think its an Orthodox thing but not totally sure. Uh, if you've ever seen Fiddler on the Roof or something you'll see the married women wearing them. So why in the blazes am I wearing one, you ask?

My reason was pretty simple, I just wanted a new scarf. I usually wear bandannas to sleep or if I'm having a random bad hair day, or to just keep the sun and sweat out of my eyes, but ever since I cut my hair I've been wanting something more...interesting I guess. And it so happens that the tichel was the closest to what I desired. It's comfortable, attractive, not...too hard to tie (it's also not that long either) and keeps my head warm!

I tried it on as soon as I got back to my dorm room and after fumbling with trying to tie it (it's weird because obviously I can't see the back of my damn head) I got it and immediately loved the look.

I had a lingering doubt on if I would get weird looks from anyone on campus (or, gasp, I had an image of someone coming up to me like "Are you Muslim?!) but it shouldn't be a big deal if I don't make it a big deal. Unless I somehow offend anyone *blank stare* okay...

Anyway, I can't wait to show it off all day tomorrow! I hope it doesn't rain anymore this week. I bet the kids I tutor might get a kick out of it too, I could learn 'em something about cultures.

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