September 30, 2008

Proper Elementary School...decor...

Well, I don't think I mentioned it here but I got a new tutoring assignment--same school and everything, that is, just new kids because I'm only supposed to be doing K-3, and the girl I had was 5th *sniff* so...we don't get to hang out anymore.

So now I've got some first graders and they're pretty funny. I thought I'd hate it but honestly I didn't. I can't wait to get back tomorrow (with some proper sleep too I hope).

So between my new tichel I've also got my nails painted black and red *blink* I dunno, I like it. I hope my school likes it. The first thing they taught us in training was basically don't go out looking outrageous and I'm usually toned down anyway...I know one of the kids was asking me about my dark red nails though, so I looked down and the red and black and though "Hmmm."

But what the hell is proper elementary school dress anyway? When I was in Elementary school we had uniforms and god help you if you dressed differently or tried to do anything weird. But I also haven't been in elementary school for like....10, 11 years. A lot of shit has changed, obviously, and I'm in a totally different part of the state to boot now. On my first day I saw a girl in gauchos, lip gloss, and fucking wedges with her little paisley scarf. She looked like a Mini-Rhoda! I was amazed, honestly.

And that wasn't the exception, these elementary school kids are turning up the fashion-heat. They're dressing better now than I did in middle school and it hurts my feelings! What am I, 40? Gaah! Hurts. My. Emotions. Cry. Anyway, that was all that went through my head while I was doing my nails last night and I came to the conclusion of "Fuck these kids!"

Uh, I totally have a more coherent entry coming up, in which I talk about my need to read some damn books.

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