October 2, 2008

Female orgasm!

We're having a lecture this evening on--guess what--female orgasm.

I think this is very good and very glad that the school's allowing this! I'm not saying TN is BACKWARDS or anything but...we are. Fashion, music, sex, evolution *coughscopescough* we're all about 10 years in the past.

Anyway, it's tonight and I've been thinking about it on and off all week. I joked that the room would be mostly full of confused guys, surprised that girls could even have an orgasm. Frankly I still think that to an extent, but I'm betting everyone there will either be there out of sheer confusion & curiosity or just for Beavis & Butthead-style giggles.

I wonder how many women really go through life not aware of their ability to orgasm, or feel ashamed about it. You know about women in our society--our bodies are either highly sexualized or something to be ashamed of. Girls can't even talk about their periods to their mothers and women's issues are forever kept hush hush. Fact I say!

If you want some TMI, me and my mother briefly discussed orgasm and she said she wasn't even sure what it was until she was in her 30s. I mean, this lady had her first child at 18 but didn't know about orgasm until much later, that fact kinda scares me because I wonder how many women really experience that?

Obviously males know about their ability to orgasm but I wonder how many of them know about the FEMALE orgasm ¬_¬ I so don't give them the benefit of the doubt. Omg what's that juice coming out, is that VD?!121!

I guess men KNOW about female orgasm now, thanks to movies & pop culture making a bit of a joke of it, but do they understand it? What is this G spot? Why does my girlfriend keep faking? Shouldn't she just be getting off how huge my dick is lololol?

I swear I don't hate men :P I don't think all of them are stupid & ignorant either...okay maybe a little

So yeah, this should definitely be an interesting lecture. I'm excited! It's in a few hours, I better eat before hand...


  1. It took me a while before I had my first one, but when I did. Whew!

  2. wow that is progressive of your school, even up here in the liberal north we don't really have many programs like that

  3. Seriously, I'm not even kidding when I say I bout DIED when I found out about the lecture. I was excited. And despite being, uh, secular as far as I know this is a pretty religious campus with the Gideon people and ministries every damn where you look.

    Unfortunately most everyone I know were either horribly uncomfortable with the lecture or were like "Pffft I don't need it!" but whatever...the place was still packed to full capacity and then some.


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