September 29, 2008

Design 'n shit

Okay, I'm finally tired of this layout *protests & groans*

I knooow. Maybe I should just get one of those premade layouts? The only thing is I can never find one I can live with for more than a week :/ I'm so indecisive and a little layout-conscious. I'm trying to change it less and less like I've lost my mind. You know how some people get upset/bored and you come over and the chairs are glued to the ceiling? That's how I roll.

I give too much angsting to how this (and wherever else I am) looks so no more angsting for now, just act surprised.

Well, now that that's over, you can tell me how unique I am and blinded you are :P I usually hate black in web design but why the hell not, I say.


  1.'s all good. i was used to the other color actually. this one's like a rainbow in nightfall. but don't take my word for it.

  2. The peach/tan just started bothering me last night. I think it was a case of "I have fuck else to do right now!" and voila! I'm thinking about taking some of the pink out's so Sex in the City-ish now.


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