September 28, 2008

WTF, college?

No really, what de hale?

Alright, my English course has pretty much punk'd my entire life right now. I know schoolin' is expensive but why the hell am I paying $45 to get on a site that doesn't offer me porn? At all? To do classwork on it, and pay for an E-Book that I don't fucking need?

I don't really understand what's going on in my English class.

And why has no one from my Women's Studies class group got back at me about our project? I'm about to say "Fuck them" and leave them on their own because it's due TOO-MOW-ROW goddamnit. And I don't like failing because of other people. I understand that one of my group members was having family issues and that's fine but the other chick currently has no excuse.

Ugh. I feel like this is all my fault right now. Well, the English course thing is kinda my fault for waiting until the last minute *shrug* But I still don't understand paying for a website that really should be free, considering their books cost like 60-80 bucks a pop. So you're not making money?

I'm so frustrated right now with this shit.

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