September 27, 2008

Chinese Moon Night

Tee-hee, my campus has a formidable Chinese/Asian population--uh, I say Chinese/Asian because I honestly have no idea where most of these people come from. A lot of them are dark-skinned so I want to say South Asia but I know two girls from Japan and they're rather damn tan so...yeah.

Anyhoo, tonight they had this Moon Festival, which I had to look up because they never totally explained what it was, except it had free Chinese so why the hell not. I went with this girl from down the hall (I make friends for occasions like this) and I think we had fun. It was a little problematic because all the speakers were using these weird microphones and, you know, they all had thick accents still, ON TOP of the fact that the people in the room just wouldn't be quiet ~_~ so it was hard understanding....but it was still nice.

Good music, awesome food, and funny games! We didn't participate in any (I should have done the musical chairs thing *pout*) but there were lots of adorable kids and watching them was funny enough.

It was a pretty good crowd and pretty mixed, although as you can guess as the night went on and the food went out it drained pretty quick *snicker* Oh and my compadre stayed until the end, which ended up being good because we missed the rain!

Oh--I wish I'd gotten a moon cake too! Bah...

Well...I've got work to get back too. Sigh.

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  1. gotta have the moon pies, yo! yeah, i tan asians are usually southeast asians, like filipinos and thais. it don't matter, we all look alike. =)


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