June 16, 2010

Well that's good to know

I know some of you probably wished & prayed to your respective deities (if you have any) for it, but rather anticlimactically I am NOT dead. Again. I know, getting your hopes up.

Well, I'm not even here for a proper "I'm alive" post, just to tell you some interesting stuff you might be interested in.

First, this Saturday (June 19) look forward to reading and/or participating in the Helen Keller Mythbusting blogswarm day. More information here.   Courtesy of FWD. I thought I was going to get to actually participate but that's looking less & less likely but I will most definitely link to posts. Maybe YOU should participate in my stead eh?

The second most important thing I can think of right now, is the World Cup. The third is I'm apparently participating in a future joint effort with my co-hort Chally of Zero At The Bone & other assorted blogosphere fame. I don't rightly know what we're talking about, why I'm involved, where it's going to be or generally anything useful but here's a corresponding Tumblr post.

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