May 2, 2010

Belgium reckons it's protecting women by throwing them in jail for wearing burqas.

Hey look everyone, I'm being relevant this week by covering news!

Okay I've talked about Islamophobia in Europe before, I don't know where but I know I have because it's pretty bad in France & Switzerland now from what I've understood from major stories & people living there.

And there have been stories like France banning all outward religious symbols including people wearing crosses & Muslim women wearing burqas; you may remember the right-wing smear campaign in Switzerland reminding us once again that the more radical sects of Islam clearly represent all Muslims (sigh), and just the general terror campaign against Muslims in a lot of countries (the US not excluded of course).

So imagine my unsurprise when I read more articles like this claiming the nice, parental state is protecting & liberating Muslim women by banning burqas. The only way to handle this is A TAKEDOWN and if you're smarter than me (you are) feel free to chime in.

Belgium bans burkas: Women who refuse to show faces to be jailed for a week under draft law

Belgium became the first European country to impose a full ban on wearing a burka last night.

Its parliament approved a draft law which states women can be jailed for hiding their faces in public.

The bill - which must be rubber-stamped by the Belgian senate - is set to become law by July.

Centre-Right MP Daniel Bacquelaine said last night: 'The notion of recognising people in the street is essential to maintain public order.

'It's also a question of human dignity. The full face veil turns a woman into a walking prison.'

How disgusting. How are they ever going to be able to identify all those pesky brown people if they're covered up. Damn them! Oh those poor WOMEN by the way.

Once again, I'm highly skeptical about this whole "human dignity" thing when I thought part of the human experience was the ability, choose. Not be thrown in jail for apparently choosing the wrong thing. Umm, guys?

The ground-breaking legislation comes just ten days after an earlier vote on banning the burka was scuppered by the collapse of the country's parliament and resignation of its prime minister, Yves Leterme.

Despite the political turmoil, MPs in the fragile five-party coalition managed to push through the controversial law yesterday evening.

It means anyone will be banned from covering their face in a public place, including the street, shops, offices, schools and hospitals.

Women will be fined £110 for the first offence.

If they refuse to pay or are caught a second time, they can be jailed for a week. It is estimated up to 400 of the country's 280,000 Muslims wear the burka in public.

I'm still waiting on someone to explain to me how this is helpful to those poor, oppressed women.

The move comes as other countries consider bringing in similar legislation. There is widespread support for a ban on burkas, or full face veils, and niqabs, which cover the head and face but leave the eyes visible, in the Netherlands.

In Switzerland, voters recently supported a ban on the construction of new minarets, while France is preparing to vote in July on its own law banning Islamic headwear.

Under French proposals, women would be fined up to £600 for hiding their faces, and be 'unveiled' at a police station so they could be identified.

Um, violation of human dignity yeah?

Husband who forced their wives to wear burkas would be sent to prison.

Oh yeah France, keep it egalitarian.

Jean-Francois Cope, president of France's ruling UMP party, said this week: 'The prime minister has told us the new law on wearing burkas would be adopted by mid-September.

'A recent survey found 70 per cent of French people are opposed to the wearing of full face veils in public.'

Unless that 70% was all French Muslims I don't really care about them.

Despite widespread support for a ban, France's highest legal body, the Council of State, has warned any law could be overturned by EU human rights laws.

Belgium's law could also be challenged by the same legislation.

Good lord I hate them all. You don't protect human dignity by VIOLATING human dignity and THEN do it under the guise of equality & helping the oppressed you're oppressing. Wow people, wow.

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