April 27, 2010

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Greetings blog denizens,

Well, it's that time of year again. That time when I can stop bitching about everything I hate about university and start bitching about everything I hate at home.





Before I get there, I have to go through exams, so things are probably going to be quieter than usual. I has papers that I've neglected and I have to work my insomniac magic henshin on them, oh & I'd probably better pass my classes & shit.

I was thinking today in between not falling asleep in class how much I hate class participation. I always get bowled over when trying to talk so I've just gotten in the habit of, if I have a question or a point I want to discuss, I fucking write a paper on it. It's the only place I'm going to get heard! I'm just afraid that frankly it makes me look ignorant in class. Ironically I'm not that great at voicing myself unless strongly prompted. Or, you know, my grade is threatened.

Also my astronomy professor called us l*me today. How I hate him so, not even just for using such ableist language but that was uncalled for in every way. He was promptly laid into though. MADE ME PROUD.

Anywhosit, I'll probably be laying low until about May 7th or 8th when I may have an Iron Man 2 review for youse guise (coz I'm gonna see it). And you know it'll be good (my review, I can't promise the movie). And with any luck I'll get bored enough to do my seasonal blog face lift. So in the mean time if you aren't already, follow my damn twitter for minutely updates & my Tumblr where I'll fill your every vanity fetish and give you some superheroing advice to boot.

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