May 4, 2010

Somebody that you should know

Hello everyone, it is I, the owner of this blog.


This evening you should look out for my long awaited David Cronenberg retrospect which I have enriched with Youtube clips and snarking on my own essay skills. I swear I can write an essay, I don't know what the hell happened with this one.

I'm up studying for exams while watching the Prince of Egypt yup.

Anyway, the lovely Chally of Zero at the Bone & ovver places has done a lovely interview over at Bitch. She mentions yours truly! ...towards the end, before your squeeing heart gets to it you unfortunately have to sit through Chally being generally awesome regarding feminism & feminist icons, science fiction, young feminist bloggers, the social justice movement & the internet. Yeees.

It's here, complete with a transcript pdf file. 

I think her answers about the internet furthering feminist/social justice conversations and the denial of young voices in the blogosphere are very pertinent...I think whose voices we deny in social justice movements are very telling because, I mean, who are you advancing equality for anyway? The 20-26 sect? What happens when you grow older, and what about the young women below you? I've often wondered if this doesn't account for a lot of the misconceptions about feminism especially among younger women & girls, other than, you know, people just don't talk about it seriously.

It's kind of like history courses in the united states. Let's face it, for most of us you don't find out REAL history until you hit university and by then it's too late. Feminism, I guess I didn't learn what it REALLY meant until I actually took a women's studies course because who was going to talk to me about it in high school and middle school? No older mentors, no younger friends. The story ends there when I quickly became disillusioned because it's one thing to be shut out because of my race but I'll be damned if people don't listen to me just because I'm "college aged"


...Wow, I wrote a post, how did that happen.

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