April 9, 2010

My room mate inspires a post, remains a clueless fuck while doing so

Let me make this all about her for a moment since I like shining the light on fine examples of shit that will get you on my bad side in a hurry. From my Tumblr:

She randomly told me she didn’t think people whose parents HAD gone to college should get more scholarships than people whose parents DID NOT.

Which, in my mind I heard as under privileged = should get less funds.

There’s a reason the exact opposite is happening.

Sigh. There are moments when I think Catholic and I, though we don't always agree, could get along. Sometimes I like her. Sometimes she really gets the Big Picture and I'm pleased.

But then she usually follows it up with moments like this where I just want to kiss her with the business corner of a door.

It's occurred to me that not only does she not understand "privilege" but she doesn't even understand UNDERPRIVILEGED for someone who is allegedly so pro-middle class (hint: the working/lower class IS BIGGER THAN YOU).

In any case, I don't think I need to pick out just how goddamned stupid such a statement is, but you know what? I want to. It's been bugging me. Because you'd be surprised at how deep & poisonous this kind of "sound" thinking is. It's the exact kind of thinking that actually goes against higher education & trying to improve/better one's status in life. The effectiveness of that is up for debate currently but that's a whole other story.

It's this kind of thinking that effectively and often shuts out willing & able students of all color from attending university, shuts them out of community college, shuts them out of JOBS, and just perpetuates the systems of poverty & despair in the States. I would think she would understand that but I don't think she understands much, really.

Let me go in depth if you're not getting me: neither of my parents went to college, so by her theory I should have to pay more for my schooling than, say, someone whose parents have an associates (edit: a 2 year degree). Am I really going to be punished because neither of my parents could afford to go to university, despite being great students (my dad graduated high school early wtf)

Still not getting it? Think about it for a minute. Think about the massive amount of people that would pretty much shut out of higher education if we take her inane logic at face value. College is EXPENSIVE. This is her idea of fairness and leveling the playing field. Ironically, not only would someone like ME be attending school but NEITHER WOULD SHE. Sigh. Folks, ignorance is not cute nor is it particularly endearing. If you think like this, stop. If you've ever thought like this, welcome to the future.

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