April 11, 2010

Campus feminist heroes

If you ain't know, it's the last few weeks of school (including Finals Week) and as is proper, I've been alternating between pissed and kinda pissed at Da World. Thus the sudden increase in relevant, lucid (I think) blog posting.

Anyway, there's been some shit I've forever been trying to get off my chest, some of those things involving how I'm probably not cut out for university, how tired I am of university, etc.

So you're wondering about the subject title?

(tell us about it Xands)

I will! So, if you come away from my blog knowing nothing else, I hope you realize I actually do not identify as a feminist. I know people throw me into the feminist blogger pool all the time without bothering to ask me, but let me say it again: Xands is not a feminist. If feminism were, I dunno, the Church of Ladyhood or something I'd be it's Antichrist: closely resembling but ultimately not it.

If we talked about the ideals I hold, I'd lean closer towards a womanist for some obvious reasons, but I don't slap on that label either. Why that is, is another blog post for another day when I get mad enough at being lumped in just because of the company I keep (don't worry I like youse guize).

In any case, because I'm so often pissed off at "feminism", when it comes under attack I often just Ignore the Call for a couple reasons:

A) I don't care


B) Mostly in my real life, the criticisms of feminist ideology are so mired in misinformation and laughably easy to disprove that I spare myself the potential lulz.

Why am I even bothering with all this on this pleasant Sunday, when I could be writing essays and moping? Hmm. Well this has happened 3 times in my year so far and I figured it must be a coincidence or a calling or something.

First, my room mate, who we've already established is confused about life itself, and clearly holds feminist ideals whether she realizes it or not, COMMA, decides that one can be so feminist you can actually be sexist. I don't know what she was getting at--not that I don't remember, I just don't know--but whatever. She loves men even though she deeply distrusts their nature. Like I said, confused. I put up a front that was stronger than she realized but I ultimately let it go.

Then, reporting for duty at the Vandana Shiva lecture a week ago, I finally got to see representatives from our campus feminist group. As expected they were white, young, and Conventionally Attractive (TM) so good job FMLA (they can take off the A). Whatever again. I laughed (bitterly). The week after that, an Indian woman in my World Literature class scathingly dissed a "feminist" in one of her classes. Whatever. I lol'd again.

So it's come to my attention that most of the people I meet hate "feminists"--in quotes because it's also come to me that hardly any of these people know what a feminist looks like, despite the quirky shirts and bags. Or maybe we do. They're the loud mouthed girls wearing the knit caps, aren't they?

...Aren't they?

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