April 12, 2010

I'm sure that attitude will get you everywhere

Right, so I'm worried about myself because I'm thinking of causing my room mate harm just because I think it would be funny. As you might have guessed I've not been in the best mood lately.

So let me jump right into it. I'm getting pretty tired of defeatism, or the idea that things will never get better because there's no pleasing everyone. I got a full dose of it in the comments section of Jezebel attempting to refute this Womanist Musings article.

Man I'm sick of some of y'all. I have my moments where I'd probably sooner detonate the moon than see real racial/gender/etc equality in my lifetime but then I remember I'm like, 19 and there's a good chance I'll live forever knowing my genes and willingness to make bargains with Lucifer. But this attitude bugs me because it signifies to me that you haven't even started TRYING yet.

You think it's pointless to talk to POC because you fuck up every time? Why were you expecting it to be easy? Why don't you sit back and learn a spell before you become the great Crimson Advocate Avenger. Sometimes I don't think I'll ever get a hang of this disability & gender thing, and at night I often wonder to myself if I've accidentally said anything ableist today or if I could have stopped someone from doing likewise. Sometimes I think I've internalized homophobia or racism without even realizing it before. But the LAST thing I do is throw my hands up and get mad at the group I'm trying to learn from for not "teaching" me properly. They get enough shit, they don't need my ignorant self roaming around looking for cookies and pamphelts; about as much as I need our plentiful campus feminist heroes sending me fliers to diversify their group.


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