February 15, 2010

Test. for. echo.

Here we go!

This is probably more funny than it is tragic--or tragically funny, I don't know. I have a serious problem with repeating myself. I'm like that guy in Austin Powers, I can't do it more than 2-3 times before I just bitch slap you or something violent like that.

So, often, it happens, sometimes we think we have an original thought and we end up actually copying someone's idears, because centuries of human thought have passed and we're bound to end up recycling old things. But today's story...no, two.

In my World Literature class, which I'll talk more about at another point because it's providing all my lulz this year, I stated an idea about the text we were discussing. I apparently do not express myself well or loudly enough, because a man in the back of the class essentially mansplained it again for the class to great acclaim. I just put on my invisibility cloak and kept it moving. Why should I care anymore?

In my World Literature class, a lady in our group presented an idea on the text we had just read. Not five minutes later did some white stranger bitch woman in the back of the class stated the exact same thing, to more acclaim. We laughed at it happening again.

Echo, echo

No, this isn't about interlocking sectional oppressions or anything like that, I don't guess. It's easy to say that when it happens to me, because it's always something socially-oppressively-justicey when it happens to me, a black USian female. This is actually the story of my life. I suppose it's just our fault for displaying our educations or not speaking well enough. Or maybe you should just pay attention to the people around you.

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