December 12, 2009

I'm on FIRE!

No sillies, not literally!

...well, maybe.

Uh, it's exam week and if I'm not freakishly bored I'm studying and being freakishly bored. So I amused myself with a glamorous photoshoot of my hair.

You've seen this color on my head before, it's Vampire Red from Manic Panic. Unfortunately I went ker-razy and did one too many hot oil treatments (like, 3) and forgot they actually strip artificial color from your hair pretty efficiently--tip if you dye your hair and you don't want to keep bleaching it out for new colors. Better for you!

So naturally my hair has begun fading already--I did this after Thanksgiving! The fuck?! Auuugh! Why can't I be glamorous?!

Here it is:

Well I have to admit, it does look kind of interesting at least. My hair is frizzy for you today because it isn't completely dry and I detangled it already. Umm, I'm going to be so interesting this week and next week y'all.

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