December 10, 2009

War on Christmas 2009: Be Merry Or Die Hard

While my clothes are in the cycle, why not do an article take down? On something near and dear to my heart:

War Over Christmas Comes to Congress

The annual cultural debate over Christmas has come to Congress.

Christmas tiiiime is here agaiiiin~

South Carolina Rep. Henry Brown, Jr. and 18 of his fellow House Republicans this week introduced Resolution 951, which makes it clear that Christmas should not be watered down for political correctness.

Oh you're going to need a time machine for that sweetie.

"I am troubled by the growing sentiment that the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ is not appropriate," Brown said in a statement on his web site. "I am worried that attempts to celebrate a 'politically correct' holiday season may cause the loss of some of the traditions sacred to this widely celebrated holiday."

...What, did someone run up in your house, snatch your lights, and scrawl "HAPPY HOLIDAYS HAHAHAHAHAHA" on the wall in your dog's blood or something? What "traditions"?

The nonbinding resolution states that it was never the intention of the Constitution's authors to "prohibit any mention of religion or reference to God in civic dialog" when they prohibited the establishment of an official religion.

Okay, then you shouldn't mind respecting the beliefs of those who might not celebrate Christmas around this time of year, O Keepers of Religion?

It goes on to say that the House "strongly disapproves of attempts to ban references to Christmas," and "expresses support for the use of… symbols and traditions by those who celebrate Christmas."

I've yet to see anyone actually seriously try to ban Christmas, not that they could get away with it anyway, so there's that for you.

"I believe it is important to preserve the right for everyone to worship as they believe," Brown said.


"As a Christian, I feel it is also important that I have the right to celebrate Christmas and observe its significance as a national holiday and I strongly believe that wishing someone 'Merry Christmas' should never be met with disapproval."

Oh I get it, you want Christianity protected and damn all them other heathens right? Lawdamercy.

To further bring his point home, Brown commented that while Christmas is a national holiday, its true meaning is to "celebrate of the birth of Christ."

Nuh-uh, it was to keep those pesky heathens in line...under the GUISE of celebrating "Christ's birth".

I think we're forgetting about the factions of Christianity that don't celebrate these silly holidays anyway...

Oh and for the last time no one's banning any holidays etc etc, snooze and coast.

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