November 4, 2009

Wednesday NaNoWriMo goodness

Yeah I'm still kicking at it. If you're reading this right now I'm either at work or trying hard to do something not novel related.

Anyway, these excerpts take place immediately following Monday's episode, in which Ash is in jail and it's sleepy time. Or. Is. IT?

Please note these chapters are dialogue heavy...because they boost my word count. I won't bother you with a lot of explanation except that if you've seen my angry rantings before some of the, shall we say, over reaching themes at work here may start to sound familiar, hint hint.

Edyt: I keep forgetting to add, don't forget the brief warning/disclaimer here.

Ash has a dream--or so we've been told.

Oh dear! Well that just sucks for you Ash! Some brouhaha later and our hero ends up in the big house infirmary with a nasty injury on his leg--who on earth could have done that? And we take a moment to explain things in annoyingly Socratic fashion--again, it boosts my word count.

And that's it for today. Tune in next week when hopefully even more shit will go down.

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