November 1, 2009

More & more NaNoWriMo goodness

My novel(la) have gotten off to a rousing start--I went to the danger zone and as of the wee hours of this morning (bless you DST) I had ~2100 words (Microsoft word is telling me ~2280 but I think that's counting everything like quotation marks & what not, not totally accurate).

So far we've had a false protagonist and a random yandere. It was about then I realized I read TV Tropes entirely too much.

You're also probably realizing, like me, that I've never actually said wtf my novel was about. Oh dear. I don't talk about it a lot in order to prevent burn out--a trick I learned in art class is to partially plan, because when you plan every extensive detail in your mind the point of putting it to paper or canvas becomes meaningless to you.

That's not to say I have NO idea what I'm doing and by God's wounds I'm not just going to let the words "take me" wherever. HELL NO that's not how shit gets done around here.

Anyway, the point of this as I think I said is to tie together some loose ends, a total of 4 stories I had started working on off & again throughout the year and for some reason never finished them--they just kind of...collect dust. Far from a simple copy paste job or an anthology, I realized they actually have a lot in common whether I meant to do so or not, and I thought it would probably be good for all involved if I just wipe the slate clean here and now.

So the first story is what we'd call our wraparound is about Chris. Chris is a bad kid finally having his day in court...a really short day--guilty of all charges and sent to jail, which is where his life ENDS and this begins.

I'll be posting excerpts for all to see now & again via Google Docs which I'm just starting to get the hang of, so if I fuck up that's on me. A few notes if you choose to read my literary excursions:

-I will probably beat this word count within an inch of its life if only because I am the Master of Purple Prose. I'm not kidding. This isn't always bad but your mileage will certainly vary with that fact

-I like magical realism ( know, fantasy) and so employed it here. I basically took two common situations and literally flipped them on their heads in SOME way so you might have to forgive me for the rather mundane and blaxploitation-ish beginnings

-A good deal of this is secretly autobiographical because I'm angry & stuff

-Language that may bother you--not just cursing and violence but some derogatory language as well. For character, but I'm aiming to keep it to a minimum or just avoid it all together as we move on and mature in-story

-Because NaNoWriMo is really more concerned with quantity of words over quality and therefore so am I, a lot of my output you see MAY or MAY NOT be awful. I'm just sayin'. I'm not even bothered by it. Save for typos I doubt I'll edit this much at all until December, IF I so choose, so get ready to pretty much see the recesses of my mind

-I still have class while all this excitement is going on. Damn! So I think Monday and Wednesday we'll make Excerpt Days because these are the days I will probably write the least

And I think that's about it. Here's the first part for you.

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