November 2, 2009

I have a name you know...

Forgive me, this will probably be a typo-heavy angry post. I'm trying to exercise some demons & I've already pretty much left death threats over Facebook and what not.

I want to bring up an issue and you may look at the subject line and think, "excellent, more identity crisis issues!" Yes it's been a fun few months trying to pull the pieces of myself back together. I'm missing a few...can someone help me?

In anycase, I just want you all to know that I actually have a first name. I know, I don't mention it often--you can actually even call me by it.

This...this happens a lot. Now that I'm in college it's pretty rare that even my professors would know me from Jenny over there despite obvious differences--I just blend in that way, even with strangely covered hair. I'm offered referred to as "*finger snap*" or simply "her/she". That's all I get. In some instances I'll get a "Miss".

This is pretty infuriating to me. At least ask me. Why does this drive me up a wall so much? I don't know. A few minutes ago I'm standing right next to this stranger bitch one chick I've lived with for over 2 months and she can barely refer to me by name most of the time. I don't know how this is possible.

I often find this flat out disrespectful, but what I can I do? Pull your hair and make you scream the syllables in a totally non sexy way? I don't know. I'll probably fail all my classes simply for never speaking enough--it's not my fault though, my name isn't "Hey you" or "*snap snap*" or "*point*" or "she". I don't answer to these, maybe if you'd refer to me by name more often I'd socialize...

This post was brought to you by Screaming Rage, Lack of Sleep, and Kinda Hungry

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