November 2, 2009

Late night NaNoWriMo goodness

Although I posted Sunday anyway, I said Monday & Wednesdays would be excerpt days because these are in fact when I would write the least. Today was a little surprising since a chain of events lead me to get down about 1000 words and boost my count up to about 5010. That puts me about a day in advance! But I need to keep pushing on...


(no I don't actually listen to this while writing...but maybe I should)

So here's some fragmented excerpts. Fragmented because I chose to, er, leave certain parts out for the sake of audience--what I mean is they were just weird. Even by my account, they were weird.

So meet our actual protagonist, Ash. I just like that first name & should probably give him a last name. Anyway this chapter was inspired by a few Facebook statuses of all things, and some people I know. Yes, even his partner. This is another one of those make the ordinary extraordinary things so yeah.

...Okay so obviously that was a trap, Mike does something really daft, and now Ash is going to jail. Here's part of his interrogation scene--cut because it was...hilarious and crucial in its own right, but bad--and oh shit is that a framing device? Xands you are a goddamn literary genius.

I wuss'd out a bit on prison life, which I do know a lil somethin about, but I'll go back later & elaborate; I kind of had to move shit along already. Ash's life on the outside will become really important later on so I can't totally skimp it. Also it's obvious I wrote a lot of this while I was already pissed so excuse my contempt.

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